AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training in Karachi

Last Update October 27, 2022
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About This Course

AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training in Karachi

Cloud computing with Amazon Web Services (AWS) server bridges the world with a whole refreshed appeal. The AWS server is among those cloud computing platforms that are designed to suit every requirement. Whether it is the entry-level small business need. Or the gigantic corporate server. All are supported on this platform.

The range of features included has to benefit for every operation carried out in the organizations. If it is web management, the AWS has the solution for that. Even if it is the data storage and mitigation, then AWS has solution for it as well. For every analytical approach, the AWS has a specific solution available.

Industrial experts exclusively formulate the AWS certification course in Karachi. This AWS certification course in Karachi teaches students both fundamental and advanced AWS concepts, including architectural designing, scaling, and professional approaches to developing workable solutions. This AWS certification training in Karachi features many experts in Amazon AWS who will help you learn the latest AWS applications.

AWS Course Overview

The AWS certification training in Karachi helps you understand basic to advanced concepts such as application and deployment leveraging 70+ cloud computing services. Edulogy Pakistan  AWS certification training in Karachi is infused with the latest trends and approaches to cloud computing, which gives students an inside track to earning the top jobs in the domain.

Learning Objectives

Validate and enhance your technical skills and alongside it helps is advancing the cloud computing expertise;
Hit even the toughest goals that are set for the cloud computing experts;
Maneuver the digital scripts preassigned to various servers and strengthen them with the newer technology in the market;
Adhere to the industry’s best practices for the cloud fundamentals along with the best standards;
Design the architecture using one of the best systems available presently and;
Design and develop powerful cloud applications along with automation, network, and system.


76 Lessons20h

Introduction to Course

Introduction to Cloud Computing00:00:00
Summarize the benefits of AWS00:00:00
Types of Cloud Services00:00:00

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Regions and Availability Zone Concepts

Amazon Storage Services

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

Databases on AWS

Amazon CloudWatch

Cloud Formation

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)

Simple Notification Service overview