Devops Engineer Docker with Kubernetes and Swarm

Last Update October 24, 2022
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About This Course

Devops Engineer Docker with Kubernetes and Swarm

Edulogy offers industry-best DevOps Engineer – Docker 5 modules training courses with Kubernetes and Swarm demonstrate through interactive discussion and hands-on practice how to set up Docker for developing and deploying containerized applications. Docker training courses cover setup and management of Docker containers, including scaling and orchestration with Kubernetes including docker security management, ideal step-by-step hands-on training course! (online class available)

The Docker Kubernetes Service course is an intense and thorough introduction to Kubernetes concepts and usage. This course will teach all the core concepts related to designing, developing, and deploying an application in Kubernetes, as well as how Kubernetes is integrated into Docker’s enterprise edition product, Docker Universal Control Plane.

Course Key Learning

By the end of this course successful learners will be able to:

  • Containerization Fundamentals
  • Assess the advantages of a containerized software development & deployment
  • Use Docker engine features necessary for running containerized applications
  • Utilize Swarm and Kubernetes orchestrators to deploy, maintain, and scale a distributed application
  • Schedule Kubernetes-managed workloads across a cluster
  • Control and configure Kubernetes networking in Calico
  • Manage Kubernetes users
  • Deploy and troubleshoot Kubernetes workloads
  • Platform availability Linux


22 Lessons

Module-01: Docker

Docker and Containers Introduction00:00:00
Docker Installation00:00:00
Docker for Windows00:00:00
Creating first Docker00:00:00
Docker Shell00:00:00
Docker Networking00:00:00
Container Lifetime and Persistent Data00:00:00

Modiule-02: Swarm – Built-In Orchestration

Module-03: Docker Hub

Module-04: Kubernetes

Module-05: Docker Security