5 online & physical classes on video editing to help you make the next big blockbuster.


5 online & physical classes on video editing to help you make the next big blockbuster.

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1: Premiere Pro CC for beginners

Adobe Premiere is certainly one of the more notable editing programs out there. It’s even responsible for some of our favorite movies.

This Video Editing Course beginner’s course includes comprehensive tutorials on editing videos from start to finish using footage from any type of camera. It can even teach you how to color correct videos and work effectively with subpar footage.

2: Learn to edit video with Sony Vegas Pro

It’s time we delved into the nitty-gritty of individual programs, so let’s kick things off with the highly rated Sony Vegas Pro class.

This course boasts lessons on how to use Sony Vegas Pro(opens in a new tab) to its fullest potential by teaching you how to use video effects, transitions, and how to work efficiently.

3: Master editing with Final Cut Pro X

Aside from Adobe Premiere, the other video editing software you’ve probably heard of before is the Mac-exclusive Final Cut Pro(opens in a new tab). If you’re equipped with an Apple computer for your editing purposes, then this is the class for you.

This detailed course is designed for absolute beginners, so anyone just starting out with video editing can get an introductory instruction from the jump. You’ll learn how to take advantage of shortcuts to make editing go more smoothly and how to adjust every aspect of your footage to get the movie you want. It also includes working example files so you can follow along throughout each tutorial.

4: Dive deep into iMovie

If you don’t need to get too technical with editing on your Mac, then you can just stick with iMovie(opens in a new tab) since there’s a course for that too.


5: Take a course on Camtasia Studio 9

Aside from your own camera footage, Camtasia Studio(opens in a new tab) is great for recording directly from your screen to get footage of images, PowerPoints, or I dunno — video for your Udemy online classes.

This online class will give you a crash course on making your next business presentation look as professional AF with techniques like cursor highlighting, blurring text, and adding voiceover.

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