New WordPress Speed Optimization Service

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New WordPress Speed Optimization Service

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New Wordpress Speed Optimization Service
The New Service Helps Business Owners to Improve the Speed of their Website
To learn more about the new service and why Wordpress speed optimization is so important to business owners, please check out
As a company spokesperson noted, Martin and his team know that business owners and other entrepreneurs who own a website want to be sure that it is running as quickly and efficiently as possible. They also understand that potential customers who visit a slow website may click on the "X" button before ordering, and work with another company instead.
This knowledge inspired Martin to create and launch the speed optimization service for Wordpress, and help as many website owners as possible to have sites that are fast and highly responsive.
"Speed is very important these days when it comes to websites," the spokesperson noted, adding that in addition to affecting SEO rankings, a slow website will negatively impact the conversion rate.
"Nobody wants to wait 10 to 20 seconds for a website to load."
Research conducted by the team at WPSpeedRevolution back up this statement, the spokesperson noted. Martin and his team have found that pages that load in 2.4 seconds have a 1.9 percent conversion rate, while those that take 3.3 seconds have a conversion rate of 1.5 percent. At 4.2 seconds, it drops further to less than 1 percent and if a page takes 5.7 seconds or more to load, the conversion rate is a mere 0.6 percent.
"Wal-Mart found that for every 1 second improvement in page load time, conversions increased by 2 percent," the spokesperson noted, adding that fortunately, there is definitely help for business owners with super-slow websites.
"We can solve your loading problem in a heartbeat. Our WP Speed Fix Service has fixed thousands of slow loading websites. Our offer is simple, we fix your website loading issues or we give your money back."
About WPSpeedRevolution:
WPSpeedRevolution was launched some time ago; since then, they have worked with thousands of business owners on their websites, helping them to increase their page speed. Recently, the company completed a rebranding and is now offering a speed optimization service for Wordpress.

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