Lean Management

Duration: 1 Month
Fees: 40,000
The basic theme behind the lean is to reduce the wastes for rising value for the customers. Lean Management practices are not limited to manufacturing sector only, but the same techniques are also applicable to the office, sales, finance, maintenance, and even R&D processes. This course is good for professionals from manufacturing and service industries. In this course the Japanese Tools of lean management shall be shared at introductory level with an aim to implement them in our industry.
Module-I Lean Management Principals
-What lean management is and how to make it work for your organization
-How to effectively lead and improve your team using lean principles
-Eliminating unnecessary tasks and delays in your production process
-Reducing mistakes, overproduction, and overprocessing caused by your workflow
-Mapping out, analyzing, and optimizing your own process
-How to improve your team using lean principles
-What it takes to build a lean culture within your organization
Module-II Leading Change
-Implement continuous improvement and lean culture (Toyota Production System).
-You will be able to eliminate waste and engage your team members in an on-going process of continuous improvement (kaizen).
-You will design a system of natural work and management teams who engage in continuous improvement.
-The student completing this course will know the essential problem solving methods employed in continuous improvement and will be able to lead his or her team in continuous improvement.
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