Graphic Animation

Graphic Animation Course

Duration: 1 Year
Fees: 55,000

Graphic Animation course If you are a tech-lover with an eye for drawing and you aim for that “wow” in your designs, then our Graphic Design and Animation is just the right course for you! Graphic designing is all around us, in thousands of forms, changing shapes with time but never out of sight. It includes an innovative and deliberate arrangement to take care of an issue or accomplish certain goals, with the utilization of pictures, images or even words. It is visual correspondence and the tasteful articulation of ideas and thoughts utilizing different realistic components and instruments.
On the other hand, animation is all about putting your graphics to motion in a series of successive images. The course offers hands on experience on the most generally utilized Animation tools in the animation business; 3D Studio Max. In our graphics and animation course, after having a strong grip on graphics side, you will be trained to use 3D Studio Max for 2D Shapes, 3D Modeling, Lighting and Material. You will gain hands-on experience in:
2D Animation- This is one of the primary classes that illustrators take to learn essential animation aptitudes. Through lectures and practical exposure, students learn squash and stretch, follow-through, key framing and overlap techniques and are able to build their own short animation projects. Storyboarding-Animation is outlined on storyboards. Students learn essential activity hypothesis and mechanics, create observational and drawing abilities and concentrate on the major standards of character plan and formatting.
3-Dimensional Animation- Studio-Max and Autodesk Maya, are utilized to make 3-dimensional pictures for animation. At this point students are able to make short 3D films and computer games.

Module I Duration: 4 Months

Module II Duration: 4 Months

Module II Duration: 4 Months

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