Duration: 4 Months
Fees: 20,000

Course Description

Ecommerce is another name for Web based business (also called electronic trade or EC). It is the purchasing and selling of products, over an electronic system, fundamentally the web or internet. These business exchanges happen either as business-to-business, business-to-purchaser, buyer to-customer or customer to-business. The terms ecommerce and e-business are frequently used as synonyms for each other. Ecommerce is conducted using many different services or platforms such as email, online catalogs and shopping carts, EDI, File Transfer Protocol, and web services. The rise of online business constrains IT work force to move past framework outline, support and consider various user-centric attributes, for example, buyer information, online protection, privacy and security. The advantages of e business incorporate its day and night accessibility, the speed of access, wide variety of products and services for the buyer, open options and global reach.

Why study Ecommerce?

During the past few decades, internet has reached new heights and gained popularity among the masses for its ease of use, cost-viability and accessibility to hundreds and thousands of people for unlimited purposes. One of the widely used reason for internet surfing is online shopping, whether it be for house goods, wholesale products for businesses or any consumer good, ecommerce has become part and parcel of today’s generation. Keeping the popularity of online shopping and trade in mind, one cannot deny the significance of studying ecommerce as a subject. It uses less expensive and impactful means of trading and have been successful to a degree that whole supply chain systems have changed and have been rebuilt accordingly.

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