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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Duration: 4 Months
Fees: 23,000

Social Media Marketing in Pakistan is advancing significantly. Today, all businesses and organizations, whether big or small, have social media presence in order to connect directly to their clients or users. Bigger brands make use of social media to pass on their solid presence and well established client relationship. Huge brands like IBM, Dell and Burger King have utilized this platform to a more noteworthy degree. They use twitter and other social platforms to voice their strategies and take consumer feedback directly. Another advantage of this kind of marketing, is its cost-viability and convenience. It is the kind of advertising in which online networking sites and applications, for example, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, twitter and so forth are utilized for posting promotions, connecting with clients and getting direct feedback, comments and queries from them. This procedure is a low-budget substitution for push-advertising and has ended up being beneficial to the point that many organizations have turned to SMM-Social Media Marketing altogether as their only source of marketing.
Edulogy offers its students a great deal of expertise in SMM by covering following areas of the subject: .

  • Auditing the client’s organization: Techniques for a thorough study of client’s business
  • Study of latest methodologies in SMM
  • Building and dealing with online social accounts
  • Creating client centered and engaging posts to attract customers
  • Keeping track of the traffic and activity on all accounts
  • Changing and improving techniques to expand activity and client engagement
  • Using SEO techniques to increase post rankings
  • Thorough study of Facebook marketing, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube Advertising to get the best of internet
  • This method of advertising has been implemented and appreciated at hundreds of business platforms. It gives the companies a chance to watch their client base and product popularity as well as helps them keep an eye on their competitors. We make sure to teach all tried and true as well as latest marketing methodologies to our students to keep them on the top of their career lines. Our skilled marketing and creative team of tutors makes sure to provide hands-on experience to students giving them practical exposure to digital advertising.

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