SEO "Search Engine Optimaization"

Duration: 2 Months

Total Fees: 20,000

Seo Search Engine Optimization, a quickly developing name in the IT world, acts as a catalyst to take your business higher than ever. It depends on calculated, strategic and specialized promoting techniques to build and increase the organic search of your website, consequently expanding the traffic to your website and your presence on the search engine. With Internet use on rise-be it for instructive purposes, online shopping, researching or use of web for general purposes, from small businesses to big organizations, all are discovering the vast majority of their clients and customers on the web. The question is, how would you locate the profitable customers and how would you determine which products are most in demand? One answer to all these "hows" and "whats" is SEO. When the internet users or online buyers search for a specific item, name or any word on the internet, the searches get recorded on the search engine and the website links that show up on top because of these searches are listed there on the basis of their search frequency. The best part is, you can also get your brand/company optimized so that it appears on top of the list in search rankings! We, being extraordinary compared to other IT institutes, are best at what we do! We teach you how to give your brand name a significant online presence by our strategic and expert approach in web advancement, optimize the content of your websites or blogs to generate maximum traffic for your web pages. Our digital marketing specialists, talented in Search Engine Optimization together with their unique and outstanding advertising strategies, teach you how to fabricate engaging and easy to understand sites to highlight your remarkable work. Our team of professionals trains you and helps you in using and promoting the best keywords at the best time and place.

Contents of our course:

  • Audit and On-Page SEO-which incorporates a point by point investigation of the current site for discovering blunders, missing titles, lesser substance and other on-page issues that turn out to be a cause behind lower positioning of the sites. This area covers problem-causing issues, focuses on providing relevant suggestions to the site owner for making full use of their web pages in future.
  • SEO content and development of website-which incorporates making easy to use and appealing website pages with the perfect measure of content and infographics to acquire maximum traffic. The content should be engaging, unique and particularly composed utilizing the most-searched keywords identified with client’s products or services.
  • Site Restructure-We teach you to keep up the position of the website high by making regular checks and necessary changings on web pages, while altering the keywords and content to keep the page up to date.

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