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Mobile App Development Training

Flutter & Dart (iOS and Android)
The Complete iOS and Android Mobile App Development Course with Flutter and Dart (2022).

Flutter is an extremely trending framework from Google that was released only in 2017. ​​And today, ​ Flutter has become the most popular cross-platform mobile framework, according to a 2021 developer survey from Statista. Based on this survey, a stunning 42 percent of software developers worldwide used Flutter.

Flutter allows you to build beautiful native mobile apps for both iOS and Android with only one programming language – Dart.

That means that you, as a developer do not need to learn Swift/Objective-C and Kotlin/Java in order to write apps for iOS and Android, but instead, use the revolutionizing framework from Google and learn only one language – Dart and create stunning apps for both platforms.

This course will teach you Flutter and Dart from zero, with no prior knowledge required! In fact, we will create every project in this course from scratch.

We will use the newest version of Flutter and Dart, which already includes null-safety in all of the projects by default.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to become a pro Flutter developer.

We will create amazing projects that you can later include in your portfolio, some of them are BlackJack Card game, Meditations app with audio player, Bird spotting app with maps, real-time location, and on-device data storage, My Diary app with App localizations, social media app with Firebase, where we will create and authenticate usersstore data remotely, and create a real-time chat, use Crashlythics in order to identify bugs when the app is already in production. Later in the course, you will also learn how we can monetize our apps with Google AdMob – we will embed in-app ad banners and interstitial ads.

We will embed and use the Machine Learning model from Google and recognize objects from Images.

In addition to that, you will learn how to use git and how to manage your repository remotely on GitHub.

We will also learn how to use different state management approaches including ProviderGetXRiverpod and BLoC(Cubit), and many many other cool things.

If it all sounds confusing to you, do not worry, because we will start from the very beginning, with the basics of the Dart Programming language and the theory behind Object-Oriented Programming – concepts and paradigms.


Learning Objectives

The basics of the technology
Background behind the technology.
The advantages of mobile apps
Cover basics as well as advanced concepts and technologies.

Material Includes

  • Videos
  • Booklets


  • Basic Knowledge of JavaScript and HTML

Target Audience

  • Student who want to learn the ionic framework for creating mobile apps


47 Lessons21h 30m

Introduction to Dart Basics

Introduction to Dart & Data Types and Variables.
String interpolation & Operators
Control Flow, Functions., Classes00:00:00
Extends VS Implements VS With.00:00:00
Abstract Classes00:00:00
Dynamic variables00:00:00


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