Diploma in Human Resource Management

Last Update October 6, 2022
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Diploma in Human Resource Management

The Edulogy Confirmation in Human Asset The executives (HRM) is intended to foster functional abilities across a scope of HR exercises and to guarantee that members have a comprehension of current HRM rehearses. Human Asset is a basic component for the achievement and improvement of an association. It is along these lines important to comprehend how to oversee individuals at work in a powerful way to meet an association’s essential goals

This Diploma provides an overview of HRM for developing a conceptual and practical basis for student learning. It also encourages students to draw on their own experience to develop a clear understanding and practical working knowledge of human resource management.


  • Develop practical skills across a range of HR activities.
  • Ensure that participants have an understanding of modern HRM practices.
  • Understand how to manage people at work in an effective manner to meet an organization’s strategic objectives.



17 Lessons20h

Course Content

Foundations of HRM00:00:00
Personnel and HRM00:00:00
Human Resource Planning00:00:00
Job Analysis00:00:00
Recruitment & Selection00:00:00
Orientation and Socialization00:00:00
Training and Employee Development00:00:00
Communication in HRM00:00:00
Employee Motivation00:00:00
Managing Employee Performance00:00:00
Managing Compensation00:00:00
Designing and Administering Benefits00:00:00
Respecting Employees and Managing Discipline00:00:00
Managing Employee Relations00:00:00
Policies and Procedures of HR00:00:00
EXERYTHING DISC & Dimensions of Leadership00:00:00
EVERYTHING DISC & workplace profile00:00:00