Diploma Digital Communication Design

Last Update October 6, 2022
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About This Course

Diploma Digital Communication Design


The computing revolution has shaped the way that various parts of a printed, online, or digital piece are created and managed. From magazines to eBooks; electronic menus to interactive apps; digital media has created a radically expanding industry, and human-computer interaction is shaping how this communication material looks and behaves.

Courses are designed to equip students with critical, creative, and analytical knowledge in order to provide a range of career options in the field of graphic design and print media. The courses are taught not only to transfer latest state-of-the-art skills but are also tailored to broaden student’s horizonss and provide a clear understanding of the global design industry and standards.

About this course

Incorporating Graphic Design, Web Design, Video Production, Interactive Media, Mobi App Design, Game Design, 3D Modelling & Animation, and more.

This is the most comprehensive course you will find in this time frame. It includes all the modules that you will need to create multiple career path options in the digital design industry. Learn to design for print publishing, web, digital design, video production, game design, mobile app design, interactive media, and 3D modeling & animation.

Our commitment is to prepare and supply knowledgeable, well-trained graduates to succeed in the industry, offering them as much individual attention as possible. Tours of facilities are also arranged for students during their course, enabling them to see aspects of their training put into practice.


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