Digital Marketing

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

Duration:6 Months
Fees: 35,000

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a name which sounds exceptionally familiar in today’s IT world. It has an immense significance, in few contexts it goes by the name of SMS Advertising/Marketing, while at other places, it is also known as content Marketing, Email Marketing, online or Web based Advertising. All types of advertising methodologies that make use of internet or computerized medium, come under the umbrella of Digital Marketing. Today, the conventional methods for push-notifications and other forms of advertising are lesser- known due to the reason that they make lesser impact on the audience as compared to the latest and trending techniques of digital marketing. This newly developed and readily used technique of modern-day marketing, helps you reach out to your customers or those interested in your products or services on one-to-one basis. It helps you get first hand knowledge about your consumers or potential audience. It is strategical approach which concentrates on getting direct information of clients' needs and inclinations, their requests, inquiries and feedbacks of the product or services. This strategy in marketing has helped the organizations in communicating directly to their consumers getting real time knowledge of how they are performing in the industry and also becoming acquainted with their position in the market. Edulogy is an IT institute that just knows how to boom your digital marketing career and grow your clientele graph by training you how to maintain your online presence on the internet and how to connect specifically to the clients who are looking for the services that you provide. In short, we help you market your products and services to the customers that are in need of those.

Our digital marketing course offers:

  • Website development for brand acknowledgement - which incorporates building an engaging and easy-to-understand-site for your company. This is the best way to be seen by your potential customers on internet. It builds a sense of connection between you and your client base. It decides how your image is perceived by a huge number of individuals around the world and builds online PR with different brands and clients.
  • Blog posts and Infographics-Posting SEO content on online blog pages and embedding relevant infographics for optimization.
  • Social Media Marketing- Connecting with clients through online networking channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn to collect first-hand information of their inclinations and needs.
  • Cost-viable solutions- We believe in providing you the best training on least budget to help you achieve your goals and milestones.
  • Definition of the Digital Marketing Institute Method:
    • Digital Marketing Principles
    • Our Tools
    • Key Concepts of Digital Marketing
    • Traditional v. Digital Marketing

    • The Opportunity of Digital Marketing
    • Characteristics of Digital Marketing
    • Implications of Digital Marketing
    • Market Research v. Market Reality

    SEO Training Institute

    The Search Marketing: SEO module will help you to understand the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how you can leverage key techniques to improve your website’s organic ranking on search engine results pages (SERPS) to drive more traffic. It also covers key terminology and technical insights necessary to cultivate an effective SEO strategy.

    Key Topics covered include:

    Search Marketing PPC"

    The Search Marketing: PPC module will teach you about the importance of Pay- Per-Click Advertising (PPC), and how it can be used to effectively drive quality traffic to your website, as well as the accompanying terminology and technical skills. During the module, you will understand how to set up a Google AdWords account and develop an AdWords campaign through three key elements: keyword research, ad copy and landing pages. The module also addresses AdWords campaign settings and ongoing campaign management.

    Key Topics covered include:

    Digital Display Advertising

    The Digital Display Advertising module will help you to create and implement effective digital display advertising campaigns. It covers the core concepts and terminology associated with digital display advertising as well as key campaign aspects including: ad formats, campaign setup and planning, target audience definition and publisher selection, campaign administration, budgeting (including different pricing metrics), measurement and optimization.

    Key Topics covered include:

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