Certified Digital Marketing Expert with AI

Last Update July 7, 2024
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About This Course

Become a Certified Digital Marketing Expert with AI

Looking to level up your skills in digital marketing? In a nutshell, our Certified Digital Marketing Expert with AI course will teach you how to implement the most recent industry strategies and tools. Equipped with the power of AI, you will achieve much better results for an optimized marketing campaign that will help you stay one step ahead in the competition.

Why Be a Certified Digital Marketing Expert with AI?

In a fast-moving and ever-changing digital environment, keeping yourself abreast of what’s fresh and the newest in the industry is very critical. Acquiring training for a Certified Digital Marketing Expert with AI will make you, definitely, effective in your career. Fifteen modules that start from basic marketing principles expressed in advanced AI-driven techniques make this course outline.

Course Outline: Certified Digital Marketing Expert with AI

Our Certified Digital Marketing Expert with AI Course provides you with a comprehensive panorama of modules starting from Search Engine Optimisation to Content Marketing, Social Media Strategies, Email Marketing, and much more. By incorporating AI tools and techniques, you will be empowered with the concept of applying cutting-edge solutions in marketing

AI in Digital Marketing: Understand how AI is revolutionizing the concept of marketing.
SEO and AI: How AI Can Aid in Effective SEO Strategies
Content Marketing with AI: Effective Content Development with AI Tools
Strategies in Social Media with AI for Optimizing Your Campaigns in Social Media
AI-driven Email Marketing Strategies
Data Analytics with AI: Leverage AI for Better Analysis of Data and Decision-making.
AI Certified Digital Marketing Expert

Benefits of Certified Digital Marketing Expert with AI Course:

Better Career Prospects:
Having the credential of a Certified Digital Marketing Expert in AI, you will be better positioned vis-à-vis prospects in the job market.

Advanced Skills:
Learn how to play with the power of AI in data analysis, customer segmentation, and differentiated marketing.

Practical Applications:
Hands-on training with AI tools and platforms will equip you with real-life marketing challenges.


Who Is the Target for the Certified Digital Marketing Expert with AI Course?

This Certified Digital Marketing Expert with AI course addresses a wide variety of viewers. It helps professionals and individuals from diverse backgrounds who want to become top performers in the exciting field of digital marketing.

If you are currently working hands-on in marketing and want to enforce your skills, this course will impart advanced knowledge and techniques to ensure that you are one step ahead in the business. Learn how to integrate AI into your marketing to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

This Certified Digital Marketing Expert with AI course is a big sigh of relief for many entrepreneurs and business owners. Knowledge in leveraging AI in marketing activities will enable making campaigns successful enough to reach more people and thus eventually translating to more sales and growth in business.

This course is perfect for :

Aspiring Digital Marketers
This Certified Digital Marketing Expert with AI course will give you a very effective way of developing a sturdy foundation in digital marketing and using fresh AI technology if you are just starting. You may have a full overview of this course and the needed skills in order to have a prosperous job in digital marketing.

Career Changers
Whether you’re thinking of a change in career or just want to break into this very exciting area of digital marketing, there’s no better foundation than the Certified Digital Marketing Expert with AI. Gain the education and certification that will allow you to easily transition into this exciting field.

Students and Graduates
Below are the various ways in which freelancers, consultants, recent graduates, and students who want to specialize in AI can benefit from the Certified Digital Marketing Expert with AI. This will equip you with the practical skills and savoir faire in AI that are in great demand by employers within the digital marketing industry.

Freelancers and consultants:
On the path to developing a wider service provision can find more use in the Certified Digital Marketing Expert with AI. With AI embedded in the digital marketing toolkit, you are able to offer better, newer, and effective solutions to your clients, making you stand out from the rest.


Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate recognizing your expertise in digital marketing with AI. This certification will enhance your resume and, hence be able to present your advanced skills to future employers.

Enroll Now and Be Certified as Digital Marketing Expert with AI
Take this opportunity and move one step ahead; become a certified digital marketing expert with AI, and let your career graph rise to unbeatable heights.




32 Lessons

Complete Course Outline

Introduction of Digital Marketing00:00:00
Process of Digital Marketing00:00:00
Basic of Digital marketing00:00:00
Search Engine Optimization Training00:00:00
Keyword Research and Opportunities00:00:00
On Page SEO Optimization00:00:00
Off Page SEO Optimization00:00:00
Website SEO Audit and Tools00:00:00
Google Analytics Training00:00:00
How to setup Google Analytics00:00:00
How to use Google Analytics00:00:00
How to generate and analyses reports00:00:00
Google Search Console (Webmaster)00:00:00
How Google Search Console Analytics00:00:00
How to setup Google Search Console00:00:00
How to use Google Search Console00:00:00
Google Adwords/Ads PPC00:00:00
Google Tag Manager00:00:00
Introduction to Google Ads00:00:00
Ways to create Google Ad Words / Ads account00:00:00
What is Campaign and how to create PPC Campaign00:00:00
Introduction to ad groups00:00:00
How to setup goals00:00:00
Keyword research00:00:00
Optimization of Search terms and negative keywords00:00:00
Display Ad creation and Optimization00:00:00
Campaign management00:00:00
Campaign Optimization00:00:00
Google AdSense00:00:00
Facebook marketing – organic and paid00:00:00
Introduction of Digital Innovation00:00:00
Digital Marketing Secrets of Dalle2, MidJourney, Open AI, ChatGPT & many more AI Technological Advancement00:00:00