Certified Training & Development Professional

The course encourages you to tune-up the learning motor of your association by concentrating on key achievement factors for learning and improvement experts. Preparing and advancement experts are under constant weight to offer excellent preparing administrations. The requests of their activity must be satisfied through a broad learning of the primary themes identified with the preparation calling. This course will outfit members with commonsense learning for advancing preparing inside their association, connecting preparing to authoritative targets, examining preparing needs, and choosing inner coaches and outside specialists.
Course Outline
Training, Learning & Development
-Learning vs Training
-When is Training hindered?
-How do people recognise a learning organisation?
-How training aligns the orgnisation’s Mission, Vision and Values?
-Why are training budgets under-utilised or unutilised even in good times?
The Training Manager & Human Resource Development (HRD)
-Understanding stakeholders as learning partners and alignment with business needs
-Competencies of an effective training manager
-Setting up the HRD function - training & development strategic directions
-Managing learning stakeholders’ communications and expectations
-Managing the training function
-Measuring returns on learning & development
-Evaluation criteria for the Training Manager
Competency-Based Learning
-Understanding competency-based practices
-Components of a competency-based framework
-Implementing a holistic competency-based culture and practice
Learning Theories
-Establishing a learning culture
-Andragogy & Pedagogy
-Different learning methodology
-Traditional and Blended learning
-Experiential and Action learning
-Facilitating learning
-Managing learning content and content developers
Learning Calendar of Events and Programs
-Rationale of a training calendar
-Events and program logistics management
-Criteria for contracting vendors and venues
Quality in Training
-Criteria of consistent and sustaining effectiveness in learning and learning facilitators
-Ensuring quality assurance, controls and audits
-Evaluation criteria and cycles
Duration: 1 Month
Fees: 10,000

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