Certified Sales & Marketing Professional

Endless supply of the course, the aptitudes and learning you create gives you an edge over different Sales and showcasing staff in the market getting you in a Job or advancing from your current. The course offers you the certainty and aptitudes to create thoughts to contact individuals and move items. You will pick up the aptitude to work over any industry. The course adopts a well ordered strategy in giving experiences on the most proficient method to lead statistical surveying, how to create attempt to sell something.
Course Outline
Laws and Ethics of Selling
-Legal and ethical requirements in sales
-Consequences of non-compliance for individuals & organisations
-Consequences of non-compliance for customers
Delivering a Sales Presentation
-Preparing, developing and delivering sales presentations (or pitches)
-Customer’s needs and preparing a presentation to meet those needs
-Customizing sales presentation to suit the customer and meet pre-defined objectives
-Providing opportunities for questions to be asked
-A sales pitch for the group of customers
Customer Objections, Negotiating and Closing Sales
-Handle and overcome sales objections
-Negotiate to close the sale effectively
-Making sale mutually beneficial
Influences on Buyer Behavior
-Responding to different members of the decision-making unit in various markets
-Analysing buyer behavior
-Methods of contact and presenting appropriate solutions
-Understanding customer types
Customer Segmentation and Profiling
-Targeting based on segmentation
-Profile characteristics
-Difference with profiling
-Implicit and explicit customers
Using Market Information for Sales
-Market research to increase sales
-Marketing plan
-Market assumptions
-Demand forecasting
Sales Territory Management
-Type of product or product line you have
-Competition in territories
-Channels of distribution and the transport system
-Performance management of staff and units
Professional Development
-Managing own professional development
-Enhance career progression.
-Being goal oriented
Prospecting for New Business
-Lead generation
-Creating scripts and templates
-Developing and nurturing relationships
-Outcome-based approach
Sales Pipeline Management
-Pro-actively manage the sales cycle
-Optimizing conversions
Duration:2 Months
Fees: 10,000

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