Certified Business Development Professional

The Certified Business Development Professional course centers around the methods required to grow new business. Without them, deals will stagnate and benefits will drop. The course likewise addresses approaches to augment the organization's benefit by encouraging associations with potential players and key leaders in the market.
Course Outline
Module 1: Business Development: Overview and Best Practices
-Business Development: Definition and Scope
-Account Analysis and Qualification: An Overview
-The New Landscape of Account Management and BD
-Understanding the Buy-Sell Ladder Model
-Client Classification: Building an Ideal Client Profile
-Understanding and Working the Customer Loyalty Ladder
Module 2: The Business Planning Process
-Using the STAR Business Planning Process
-Identifying and Taking Advantage of Untapped Opportunities
-Conducting Customer Surveys to Identify Important Service Criteria
-Preparing an Account Development Plan
-Building Client Chemistry with F.O.R.M
Module 3: Re-Defining Your Processes for Breakthrough Results
-Reviewing the Selling Process
-Reengineering your Team Selling Process to Avoid Mistaking Motion for Action
-Identifying your Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) and Distinctive Selling Points (DSPs)
-Creating a Competitive Analysis Matrix Using USP and DSP to Neutralize Competition
-Activating your Business Development Actions
-Establishing a Client-Centered Code of Conduct (DART Model)
-Designing and Implementing Key Performance Indicators
-Creating a Balanced Scorecard (Business Performance Audit)
Module 4: Effective Negotiation Skills
-The Definition of Negotiation
-The Difference Between Persuading and Negotiating
-The Negotiation Process
-The Phases of the Purchasing Decision
-Influencing Decision Criteria
-Effective Concession Management During Negotiation
-Completing your Negotiation Plan
Module 5: Building and Leading the National Business Development Team
-Stages in Team Formation
-Building a High Performance Team
-Defining Team Roles
-The Team Motivation Mix
-Management versus Leadership
-Practices of Exemplary Leaders (Industry Practices)
Writing Business Proposals that Sell
-Writing a Typical Business Proposal
-Formatting Tips and Tricks for Winning Proposals
-Creating your Own Proposal Template Using a Suggested Proposal Format Guide

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