Duration: 2 Months
Fees: 25,000
Despite its stellar growth (around 17% per annum over last two decades), Islamic Finance is still a bit of a mystery! Common man has more questions about it than answers. How is it Halal? How is it different? What are the rules of the game? Why has it fascinated even the West and the Vatican? Is it safe and stable despite its incomplete track-record?
Who Should Attend?
-Professionals from both conventional and Islamic finance industry
-CFOs, Financial Managers, Accountant, Auditors
-Business owners who are interested in exploring how they can benefit from services of Islamic Financial institutions
-Clients, Academics and Students
Topics Covered
Foundations of Islamic Ethics, Economics and Law
Islamic Legal Theory and Sources of Legal Rulings, Verdicts and Edicts
Interest, Usury and Riba: Exploring the Core
Commercial Law in Islam
Fixed Return Modes - Ijarah, the Islamic Lease
Participative Modes: Musharakah and Mudarabah
Sale-Based Modes: Murabaha
Forward Sales: Salam and Istisna
Islamic House Financing
Project Financing and Working Capital Financing
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