Duration: 2 Months
Fees: 25,000

Digital Banking

The Digital Banking also termed as the ‘Modern banking’ or the “Branchless” or “paperless banking”, “eBanking” . Globally, it is the fastest growing banking channel, State Bank Of Pakistan also declares it as the fastest growing Banking channel in Pakistan.
Course Outline
– What is Digital Banking
-Need for digital Banking in the Banking Industry
-How Digital Banking Works
-Introduction of the Core banking & the transaction banking software
-Product Range used for the Digital banking In Pakistan
-Role of SBP / Switches / Payment Schemes / Controllers
-Accounting Entries
-ATM Replenishment Accounting Entry
-Intra Bank / branch Accounting Entries
-Inter Branch Accounting Entries
-Inter Bank Accounting Entries
-Recoding of Income & Expenses
-Real Time Auto Entries
-Settlement Entries Of Switches / SBP
-Different Fee Structures & its distribution
-State Bank Of Pakistan’s Guidelines & Regulations regarding Digital Banking
-Payment Schemes used in the International Market
-Future Of Digital Banking
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