Best Social Media Marketing Strategy 2018

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February 11, 2018
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March 7, 2018
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Best Social Media Marketing Strategy 2018

Best Social Media Marketing Strategy 2018

Every big and small business has this one very important department which takes charge of the business’s publicity and branding-yes, you guessed it right, It’s the Marketing Department.

Now, can all businesses whether big or small, afford the same kind of marketing? The answer, of course, will be NO.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an easier and effective way of marketing which is low on budget and gives tremendous outcomes. This mode of marketing has been gaining popularity ever since social media became a source of business transactions and dealings. This method of advertising has been implemented and appreciated at hundreds of business platforms. It helps the companies to have a proper insight on numbers and stats. All social media platforms are very keen on keeping a check and balance on data, that is, people’s engagement on their posts and their activities while they are online. This helps the companies to have a real time experience of customer engagement and feedback as well as in measuring their customer base and sorting potential customers based on their activity.

Key to SMM: Social Media Websites

There are a lot of ways in which you can market your products on Social Media, you may tweet, pin or post your products and your online audience will be engaged in the post as soon as it goes online!

Today, there are plenty of websites that act as social engagement platforms but let’s talk about the ones which top the list.

Facebook: is the pioneer of Social Media Marketing. Founded in 2004, it has been constantly improving its features and making itself equally effective for businesses as it is for socializing. It provides analytics through its “insights” feature built to run the pages and by providing the count of people who visit a certain post or page. It also has a lot of post-engagement features such as reactions, likes and comments, which make it easier for the companies to learn customer feedback.

Instagram: is a picture-sharing App, which soon took to advertising and branding as people on Instagram started gaining millions of followers. The rules here are very simple;

make a free account post interesting and engaging advertisements of products to gain followers market all products to millions of people following you!

Pinterest: is also a picture-sharing App but lesser-used for marketing purpose than Instagram. It lets you create boards to pin the pictures you want so your followers can repin, save, download or comment on the pictures. People generally connect their Pinterest accounts to their online blogs and gain traffic from both sides for branding of their product. This is also another interactive way of marketing.

and the list of these websites goes on…

What’s in it for you?

It has for you all the benefits that it has been providing millions of companies for quite some years now!

If you:

  • want to stay ahead of the marketing game by digitalizing it
  • want to stay in the limelight on the most happening platforms
  • want to engage with your customers, gain millions of more and receive their first-hand feedback
  • want to approach each of your customers at the place where they spend most of their time
  • want to get a complete insight on who is showing interest in buying your product and at what time
  • want to initialize your business transactions on a hassle-free and cost-effective platform


Then Social Media Marketing is the best strategy for your business. Whether you are an emerging business or a giant from your industry, you have to be a part of this growing circle where consumers and suppliers both are in huge numbers and still increasing.

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