Benefits of Digital Marketing 2018

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February 4, 2018
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Benefits of Digital Marketing 2018

Benefits of Digital Marketing and
Search Engine Optimization

Imagine a company making hundreds of quality products that are unheard of or an organization with a brilliant idea, best possible strategy and skilled workforce

Digital Marketing which is ready to provide unmatched services but don’t have any clients to serve- Doesn’t this sound illogical and absurd?
It surely does!
When an organization, brand or a company comes up with an idea to sell, the primary question that needs to be answered is; who are they going to sell it to? How will they find out about the product and their need to use it? And the only answer to overcome this major obstacle is marketing.
The success of any business lies in its tendency to accurately market its products before they are ready to be sold. Digital Marketing builds your image in public as you want to be seen by providing you an identity and associating traits with your brand name as you successfully deliver with your marketing strategies.
It also:

  • Creates a bond with your preferred audience
  • Enhances brand recognition
  • Develops trust, with both your present and future clients
  • Gives your business a notable position in the industry you are working in
  • Increases movement, traffic and transactions, making you stand out more in your industry
  • Opens a channel of communication with your customers and makes them feel more connected

So naturally, your next question must be: How do I properly market my business?
Marketing is all about striking when the iron is hot! There are plenty to ways though, to understand when it is best to strike or make your move. It is all about approaching right audience at the right moment. With computerized and digital media on rise, the traditional ways of push marketing have been pushed to a side but the principle remains the same, that is, approach people where they are mostly found and in this case, they are mostly found on the internet. Whether it be for learning, entertainment, shopping or any similar purpose, the place where people of 21st century spend most of their time is, on the internet. This is where the concept of Digital Marketing evolved from.

The term Digital Marketing is used in a very broad perspective which takes into account many services that are provided online. It is a way of building strong customer base by gaining first-hand knowledge of your customers, reaching them at any time they are surfing internet, knowing about their needs and interests in order to launch relevant products in market and forming effective customer care solutions on the same platform.
In order to make full use of your digital marketing expertise, you must know how to optimize your web pages through proper Search Engine Optimization.

How SEO works?

When a buyer searches for a particular product, the search term that is used, gets listed on Google showing relevant items to match the search. The related links that are shown on Google’s or on any other search engine’s page are there because they have been optimized. If you are a company or brand who wants to make it to the top of that list organically, you need to optimize your website using most used, relevant search-terms on that search engine. Your website is your door to opportunities and growth in sales, which is why optimizing is the best and least-cost marketing method to reach out to your customers and prosper.
There are various ways in which Search Engine Optimization works, most popular among them being Google AdSense, Google Analytics and Pay per click (PPC).

PPC Advertising:

For advertising their products on SERP (Search Engine Results Page), advertisers go through Ad Auction where they bid on the keywords or terms upon which they want their Ads to be displayed. This is the reason its also called as keyword advertising. It is the intellect, know-how and strategical grounds of the advertisers on which bidding is done for relevant keywords.
When users search for the query, search engine’s Ad Auction runs its complex algorithm to determine in what order and whose products will be advertised on entering the keywords.

Google AdSense:

You may have come across variety of Ads when going through an article or blog on a website. These Ads are posted and maintained by Google itself and the publishers of the content get paid by Google for publishing these Ads. The payment is determined by number of Ad clicks which is based on keywords and content that is written in your blog post and all of this comes under the umbrella of SEO.

Google Analytics:

This technique makes use of a short code which is placed on every page of the website. This code analyzes how a visitor interacts with the website and lets you know about your website performance, user activity on site pages and conversions.
Having command on all these techniques are key to giving your business a boost in the world of digital media, the place where most of our population lives no

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